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Constellations Workshops

Courses and workshops run throughout the year.

These workshops are for anyone who has been living with some form of apparently intractable problem and is looking to find a resolution. Those interested in learning more about this approach are welcome too. Agreeing to confidentiality is a requirement of attendance.

Constellations are also used to explore difficult life choices; a Constellation can allow options to be considered in the larger context to allow for more informed decisions.

Groups are kept small, with between ten and fifteen people. Each group will begin with an introductory exercise, a short explanation and demonstration. We will then devote the rest of the time to constellating participants’ issues.

Each piece of ‘work’ will commence with a brief discussion between the facilitator and the Issue-holder’, to clarify the issue concerned, and elicit factual information about the relationship, family or system in question, along with any significant events that have taken place. The facilitator will then ask the issue-holder to select from the group people to represent the relevant elements of the family or system being explored; s/he will then place them within the circle space in relation to one another, according to their inner sense, to create a living picture of the relationship dynamics.  

This initial picture itself can provide surprising and new perspectives. Soon after being positioned, the representatives will experience particular feelings, and even physical symptoms, as they stand in the constellation. The facilitator will collect information from each representative to further develop the picture of the underlying dynamic that is the root of the issue.

The facilitator will then guide the constellation towards a resolution that respects the place of each member of the system; by moving or adding additional representatives, and by proving healing sentences. This could involve re-including members who have been excluded in some way, re-establishing the order of relationships that reflect correct positions (parents being parents, children being children) and leaving burdens and responsibilities with whom the actually belong. The issue-holder often observes from the outer circle to witness the origins of the problem being highlighted and the subsequent realigning and reconnecting process.

The new image, along with the healing sentences, provide the issue-holder with a fresh sense of themselves and their system. Clients subsequently report having more vitality in their lives, improved relationships and better physical and emotional well-being.

Each constellation can take up to an hour, though some may be shorter.  Each day will include up to six constellations.

Coming as a ‘Resource’, you can both get a chance to understand and appreciate this process better, and stand-in in constellations. For many, observing and representing can give profound insights and healing. All participants experience a deeper empathy for and a broader perspective on a number of families and issues within a workshop. This is partially responsible for the deeper sense of compassion and belonging that it engenders in workshop participants.

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